Posts for April 2015

Why I Love Pickle People

PicklePeople_160x120.jpgLast night on my way home for class, I stopped by my minimart to buy a Diet Coke. I say "my" minimart, because I love it. It’s the best minimart on the planet!

My minimart isn't fantastic because their Diet Coke is colder, their Cheetos crispier or their gas cheaper. In fact, I don't think I've checked the temperature, crunch or price on any of those things. This little minimart - that looks like every other minimart out there - has killer customer service.

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Apr 2, 2015

Are You Telling the Truth?

businesstruth_160x120Many of you are lying to yourself. You have been for a while.

Don't get huffy; you know it's true and it isn't intentional, but it is happening. I see it day after day after day. Usually it shows up in the form of...

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Apr 1, 2015