How to Act Like You Care

Let's face it, sometimes you just have to pretend, until you feel it for real. This is clip is from our all time best seller, Give 'Em the Pickle.

How to Act Like You Care

By Jim Gulian March 5, 2014

Some people just aren't cut out for the service or hospitality industry.  It's a tough business because in a very real sense, it's show business.  If you don't really want to be in show business, you'll have trouble. Guests come not only for your product but for you.  They want a show.  At a minimum, they want a smile, they want a presentation, they want a show of appreciation for giving you their business.

Because the service and hospitality industries are a major source of entry level jobs, they collect a great number of new employees who have yet to figure out what they really want to do with their lives, but find themselves suddenly (to their horror)  in show business.  For many young people (who have been served all of their lives), the idea of actually serving others is a completely foreign concept.  That is where "playing a role," comes to their rescue.  For our own survival, most of us have developed the ability to pretend.  That is just another word for acting.

If you direct a cast of service or hospitality actors it is your job to "put them in the scene."  In our business that means telling actors the back story.  "In this scene the guest comes in for his morning coffee and he's had a tough night.  Your goal is to get a little smile out of him."  Sometimes your actors need a confidence boost in order to solve problems on their own, "Your goal in this scene is to get them to think you are the manager."  Some employees are naturals for show business others need a little more directing until they can find their way.  Enjoy this clip from the show biz master himself, Bob Farrell.

Jim Gulian is a co-founder Media Partners. He has been writing and directing award winning training programs for more than 35 years.