How To Host a Great Party

Your guests walk into your world still distracted by their own. Enjoy the following clip of the week.

How to Host a Great Party

By Jim Gulian April 2, 2014

I bought a book from the dollar bin of a used bookstore, called, "Andy Warhol's Party Book." The 1960s pop icon/artist was host to legendary parties. And what was his first rule for hosting a great party? Be a great host.  "Your guests will have as much fun as you do." If you're uptight when they arrive because everything is not ready or perfect, they'll pick up on that.  If you've been arguing with the caterer or your spouse, they'll pick up on that.  Seems like common sense, but businesses lose millions of customers and dollars every day for the same reason. 

Our customers/guests feed off the energy we bring to each interaction.  They don't care what is going on behind the scenes in our world, they're here!  Some of them walk in wondering if they came to the right party, maybe a friend or a website recommended our business.  Some of them came to our last party and are hoping/wondering if it will be as good this time.  Some of them arrive, hungry, tired, angry, late and distracted in a thousand other ways.  As a customer service professional we have to take all that in stride.  Our job is to win them over.  Welcome them, take care of their needs, thank them for coming and invite them back.

Andy Warhol might part ways with us on that last point but, in business we want even our distracted guests to come back and try us again. Enjoy the clip.

Jim Gulian is a co-founder Media Partners. He has been writing and directing award winning training programs for more than 35 years.