How To Ruin Your Company's Reputation

One employee having a bad day with a bad attitude is all it takes. Enjoy the clip from Bob Farrell's customer service classic, Give 'Em the Pickle.

How to Ruin Your Company's Reputation

By Jim Gulian April 9, 2014

What is wrong with this picture? All too often the employees who have the most direct and frequent contact with customers are paid the least and trained the least.  That is a recipe for disaster.  Especially if you believe, Bob Farrell, who's famous question/answer refrain is, "Who's the customer!!?   The BOSS!"

Whoever has the most contact with your customers holds tremendous power over the success or failure of your enterprise.  If those are also your front-line/entry-level employees you are in double jeopardy.  On one hand, they matter greatly, on the other you may not want them to feel so powerful because their pay reflects the opposite.  Rather than keep them down, I say build them up.  Tell them how important they are at the beginning of every shift.  Tell them how much is riding on their performance and their attitude with every customer.  Tell them what Bob Ferrell says," Your job is not what you do, it is who you serve.  You are here to serve customers."

So, if the boss was indeed coming to your store, your counter, your department, would you want her greeted by the least paid and least trained employee?  Maybe, maybe not, it all depends on their attitude.  Enjoy this clip from the master of customer service, Bob Farrell, and his bestselling program, Give 'Em the PICKLE!

Jim Gulian is a co-founder Media Partners. He has been writing and directing award winning training programs for more than 35 years.