How to Survive the Big Squeeze

It's never fun to be stuck in the middle between your boss and your team.  This clip is from Media Partners' program, Not Everyone Gets a Trophy, with Bruce Tulgan.

How to Survive the Big Squeeze

By Jim Gulian February 5, 2014

When times get tough, the squeeze comes from the top down. "Belt tightening," usually means that your bosses are yanking on the belt and it's wrapped around both you and your team. "Times are tough. Do more with less," is easy to say, but the work is still there and your shrinking team has to get it done every day.

A few generations back when the workaholic Baby Boomers filled the ranks, the big squeeze just kept going, right on down to our families. Mommy and Daddy had to get up earlier and work later, "Sorry kids." Times have changed. Today's workforce has its own way of squeezing right back. If you are now the one stuck in the middle and charged with getting the work done, you may need to rethink how you engage and motivate your new generation of workers.

I've read all the "New Generation Workforce," authors and find, Bruce Tulgan, to be the most practical. He coined the phrase, Generation X, before anyone was even thinking about it. We ended up working together on a few training videos and I like his style and love his humor. When it comes to surviving the big squeeze, Tulgan has a brand new spin on good old fashion "supervision." Take two minutes to watch this clip and I think you'll see what I mean.

Jim Gulian is a co-founder Media Partners. He has been writing and directing award winning training programs for more than 35 years.