FISH! Tales Series

FISH! Tales are a great follow-up to your FISH! introduction—a way to help your team apply FISH! to improve its work.

The FISH! Tales Series Collection includes:

Building Trust

See how a roofing company learned the importance of being there for each other and making the customer’s day. The result was a dramatically improved safety record, increased customer satisfaction and high levels of teamwork and trust. A great video for service, construction or manufacturing teams.

Jump Start

When a new owner took over an auto dealership focused only on squeezing profits out of its customers, he introduced a new vision—a business dedicated to making the customer’s day and having fun while you do it. Through the FISH! Philosophy, customer and employee satisfaction soared. Great lessons on teamwork, commitment and leadership.

Peak Experience

How does a business stand out when its product is essentially the same as its competitors? For the Aspen Skiing Company, the answer was its employees. Learn how creating an “emotional breakthrough” for customers differentiates you from your competition. A great video for any hospitality or service team.

Vital Signs

Learn how the overworked staff of a hospital floor used The FISH! Philosophy to focus on serving people again, instead of just serving tasks. This inspiring video offers valuable lessons on patient dignity and appreciating your coworkers. It’s a must for any health care team seeking to improve its patient and employee satisfaction scores.


Faced with low morale and plummeting employee retention, the leaders of Sprint took a leap of faith, inspired by The FISH! Philosophy. They relaxed the dress code and added “out-of-the-box” ideas (piped-in music, disco ball, spontaneous goofiness) to make the workplace more fun and give employees a break from the repetition of answering up to 800 calls per day.

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FISH! Tales Series
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