What to Do When Conflict Happens

Conflict Resolution

What causes the most stress across ALL occupations? The interpersonal conflicts we experience on a daily basis. Give your employees a memorable, easy-to-implement way to stay calm and productively work through issues with co-workers.

Program length: 21:00

What to Do When Conflict Happens


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No one likes to deal with conflict, but the truth of the matter is that we must. Problems that aren't dealt with tend to fester and spread into other areas and relationships.

Rather than a complicated model, What to Do When Conflict Happens introduces C.A.L.M.:

C - CLARIFY the issue
A - ADDRESS the problem
L - LISTEN to the other side
M - MANAGE your way to resolution

What makes the C.A.L.M. approach unique is the first stage -- CLARIFY, where employees step back and think. They rationally examine what's happening, why it's happening, why they feel the way they do, and what they need to keep in mind as they address the issue.

All four stages are clearly depicted in the video program as the stories unfold.

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