Customer Service Zone
Program length: 18:00

In the galaxy of customer service, Curt Hinderman's lost in space. Until one dark night, when his car breaks down en route to a mandatory training session, the tables are turned as he finds himself needing urgent help from his customers. Aided by the mysterious Angela, Curt discovers the essentials of great service - while taking the viewing audience on his journey of discovery.

As this fresh, entertaining tale unfolds, participants will be completely absorbed by the learning points, while training becomes simple yet highly effective. Enjoyable and easy-to-use, Customer Service Zone is an essential resource for all organizations serving customers.

Featuring extensive expert research, Customer Service Zone has crystallized the essential learning points from dozens of sources; from customer service experts to dozens of real-life customers. This in-depth customer service training features clear, concise, easy-to-remember learning points, repeated throughout to ensure for maximum retention.

With expert instructional design, Customer Service Zone will ensure organizations are successful in developing employees to provide unsurpassed guest experiences.

Key Learning Points covered in Customer Service Zone:

  • Welcome: immediately greet customers in a friendly and professional manner
  • Hear: ask customers how you can help, and listen carefully
  • Accomplish: own the issue and take action until customers' needs are satisfied
  • Thank: thank customers and invite them to return
  • W.H.A.T. makes great customer service!

Languages: English


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Customer Service Zone
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