Sexual Harassment in Healthcare: New Perspectives


Sexual harassment hurts its victims, as well as productivity, employee morale, and the bottom line. The good news is that it is preventable. This training will educate your healthcare employees, and help you eliminate "unintentional" harassment, build understanding, and create a more respectful workplace.

Program length: 13:00

Sexual Harassment in Healthcare: New Perspectives


Sexual harassment costs companies thousands of dollars every year in lost productivity, low employee morale, recruitment costs, and legal fees -- more if courts determine that the company is liable.

Use this training program to show your healthcare employees what sexual harassment looks like, how to respect everyone's perspective, how to avoid unintentional sexual harassment in the workplace, and how to speak up.

This important training program drives home key points for both employees and managers by focusing on the perspective of the victim.

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Languages: English, Spanish


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