Pygmalion Effect: Managing the Power of Expectations
Program length: 25:00

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It's a proven psychological fact. Through something that has come to be known as "The Pygmalion Effect", people will perform according to the expectations others have for them. Limited expectations bring limited results, high expectations lead to exceptional results. 

The good news is that you can teach your leaders how to tap into the positive effects of the Pygmalion Effect with their employees, improving productivity and morale in the process. 

In this program, trainees get a complete overview of the Pygmalion Effect through real-life examples, dramatic vignettes and scenes from the classic movie Pygmalion, where individuals are transformed through the positive (or negative) expectations of another. The four ways managers transmit expectations to their subordinates -- climate, feedback, input and output -- are explained and depicted. 

This 3rd edition also includes video footage from a Pygmalion training session at the Dunn Edwards paint company and a powerful reenactment of a Dunn Edwards success story, plus an interview with topic expert Dr. Robert Rosenthal

Your managers will:
  • Understand how positive/negative expectations create self-fulfilling prophecies.
  • Develop the skills to positively influence coworkers and subordinates.
  • Raise the expectations they have for their staff members.
  • Believe more in their ability to positively influence and lead others.

This film is also available with Arabic, Chinese (traditional), Danish, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish and Thai subtitles.

Languages: English

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Purchase $945.00
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Pygmalion Effect: Managing the Power of Expectations
reviewed by 2 people
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
Interesting theory worth exploring for application in the workplace. I think managers might let the theory guide their actions. But the specifics outlined in Pygmalion Effect, Power of Expectations were too long and dry for one viewing. The film didn't maintain my attention and I found it a challenge to watch it in its entirety. Stopping and actively discussing each section would enhance the learning.

  • Fascinating theory with strong, supporting examples.
  • Scenarios for discussion at the end of the film are excellent.
  • Takes too long to get to workplace relevancy.
  • Too much talking.
    Susanne Riley - Northwesterner Design
Helpful, and well done, but too dry for my training tastes. Although the concept is great, a little more "show don't tell" would be more effective.

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