FISH! for Schools

Discover how FISH! For Schools helps you create a classroom environment where respectful behavior is encouraged, where students are engaged in the learning experience, and where everyone has fun in a way that adds to the excitement of learning rather than taking away from it.

FISH! For Schools helps you improve…

Classroom Management – A classroom is a community. Every member plays a part in making it work. When students live The FISH! Philosophy, they help manage the classroom. Teachers spend less time putting out discipline fires and more time igniting learning.

Engaged Learning – When students feel cared for in class, they care more about what’s going on in class. The FISH! Philosophy creates a culture where students feel safe and encouraged. They work harder and step outside their comfort zone to expand learning.

Positive Behavior – The most effective way to build positive behavior is to practice it. Students who live the FISH! Philosophy learn how good it feels to care about others. Misbehavior and bullying decrease. Students build critical social skills for a lifetime.

Staff Morale – Educators are under tremendous pressure. They need each other. The FISH! Philosophy helps staff support each other through the challenges of school life. A staff that appreciates each other is more unified, collaborative and creative.

Find the FISH! Schools Training Package that's a fit for you and your fellow educators:

The FISH! For Schools Complete Pack gives you all the tools to build a great school culture.

The package starts with the Original FISH! video; a great way to start the year. FISH! will re-energize your staff and encourage them support each other through the upcoming challenges of a typical school year.

Next is the Guided Journey, a professional development course that builds strong relationships among staff and students. It gives staff a common language and approach. Students and parents receive the same positive experience whether they interact with the principal, teachers or support staff.

The Classroom Experience offers simple ways to help your students live The FISH! Philosophy. When they experience how good it feels to support each other, bullying and behavioral problems decline, giving the teacher more time to ignite learning.

The FISH! For Schools Guided Journey is a staff development program for K-12 educators.

The Guided Journey combines the practical wisdom of The FISH! Philosophy with sound research to help you:

  • Forge caring relationships with students that inspire them to want to be their best.
  • Foster a supportive culture where staff regularly celebrates and recharges each other.
  • Build a safe environment where everyone is ready to learn.
  • Develop clear expectations shared by every member of the classroom.
  • Guide students to examine their behavior when it doesn’t work and take responsibility for more successful choices.

The Guided Journey includes 10 short videos of educators and students applying FISH! behaviors to common school situations and challenges. The videos are perfect for monthly faculty meetings or study groups, as well as classroom discussions with students. The Guided Journey also includes a workbook with questions and strategies to turn intentions into action.

The FISH! Classroom Experience helps you regain precious instructional lost dealing with behavioral issues.

The FISH! For Schools Classroom Experience helps you and your students:

  • Create behavioral expectations that are owned by everyone in class.
  • Live The FISH! Philosophy in a way that meets your goals.
  • Build a caring community where everyone feels safe and ready to learn.
  • Develop character, empathy and personal responsibility.

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FISH! for Schools
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