FISH! Tales: Peak Experience
Program length: 9:00

Among the majestic Rocky Mountains, ski resorts are competing on a level playing field. They all have beautiful scenery, high-speed lifts and fantastic restaurants.

In FISH! Tales: Peak Experience, Aspen Skiing Company found a way to set its organization apart from the others. Aspen's management team introduced FISH! to the employees, invited them to participate and watched a groundswell of enthusiasm occur.

Aspen Skiing Company is seeing real results such as phenomenal growth, increased employee satisfaction and, above all, improved customer service.

Through this program, you’ll learn the importance of:

  • Making an “emotional breakthrough” with the people you serve.
  • Defining the size of your team’s “playing field” with your employees—and expanding it if employees need more freedom to do their jobs.
  • How small things, like a smile or a little special attention, can make a huge impact when multiplied by many employees. 

If you’re looking to create fun, memorable interactions for your customers, watch Peak Experience and discuss its lessons with your team!

Languages: English


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FISH! Tales: Peak Experience
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