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1000s of Videos and E-Learning Courses. OBL is an easy to use, device-friendly delivery platform and Learning Management System (LMS) offering high-quality business training from the industry's top producers. With both a Learner’s Site and an extensive Trainer’s Admin site / LMS, training your team and tracking their progress has never been easier.  

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Train How You Like. The OBL Trainer’s Admin puts managers in complete control of their learner’s experience. As a manager you can:

  • Assign, track and document each learner’s experience
  • Customize reports to fit your criteria
  • Assign training to individual learners or to a group you’ve created
  • Edit or customize content to align with your company’s specific needs
  • Add company learning materials, compliance documents or videos
  • Communicate directly through OBL to individual learners or groups
  • Brand the site with your logo and company colors
  • And more...

A crazy low price. The monthly cost per employee starts at less than the price of a single latte. Please contact us for your quote, or more information.


OBL PHONE / EMAIL ICON  info@OBLearn.com  

OBL PHONE ICON    1-800-408-5657