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Now through April 30th, save hundreds of dollars on top-selling training programs for Management, Customer Service, Leadership and much, much more.  There is NO LIMIT, so take advantage of this great SPRING SALE while you can!

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THE DETAILS: Sale applies to all Media Partners, CRM Learning and Vivid Edge DVDs and USB purchase programs through April 30, 2017. Sale does not apply to the purchase of books or other ancillaries. For online streaming, please contact a sales representative at 800-408-5657. No industry discounts or additional sales can be combined with this special offer. Use sale code MPC25 at checkout.


The Abilene Paradox

We've always loved this film. And now this classic has been updated, making it even better. This highly entertaining film explores what can happen when no one truly believes in what they're agreeing to.

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It's a Dog's World

A brand new version of this healthcare-specific training video! Best seller, It's A Dog's World shows the viewer the best way to ensure superior patient service - and a better bottom line.

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Centered around the story of the Space Shuttle Challenger, this award winning film explores the phenomenon that occurs when a group of people seek unanimous agreement, in spite of differing opinions and facts.

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Accountability That Works!

Accountability That Works! is an exciting, innovative training program that will provide everyone in your organization with the tools they need for a greater sense of empowerment, effectiveness and increased productivity.

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Mad About Customer Service

Shows CSRs that, when situations go from bad to horrible, how you treat the customer is just as important as solving the problem.

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Respectful Workplace Basics Series

When everyone in the organization practices the skills presented in these videos, individual and team performance improves, harassment and discrimination are prevented, and employee satisfaction increases.

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Respectful Workplace: It Starts With You

Suitable for employees at all levels of the organization, this video’s skills points deal with avoiding different types of discriminatory and disrespectful behavior while acting in ways that build people up (not tear them down).

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Respectful Workplace Complete Series

It’s important that organizations do all they can to thwart disruptive or disrespectful behaviors that aren’t necessarily illegal…but are still very destructive. When employees are made to feel picked on, left out, or “invisible” (by their co-workers or their boss), they will not perform to their optimal level and the organization as a whole will suffer.

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The Accountability Toolkit

What happens where there is a lack of accountability? Non-performers thrive while the diligent staff picks up the slack. The stress level rises and communication drops. It doesn't have to be this way. This Toolkit contains 38 unique video clips that illustrate what accountability means. Set in a variety of workplace environments, it's ideal for all industries.

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Working With You is Killing Me Video

From chronic complainers to idea stealers, boundary pushers to just plain jerks, a toxic co-worker can ruin your day -- and your life! Let this training help employees stay sane with several helpful tips.

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