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Now through April 30th, save hundreds of dollars on top-selling training programs for Management, Customer Service, Leadership and much, much more.  There is NO LIMIT, so take advantage of this great SPRING SALE while you can!

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THE DETAILS: Sale applies to all Media Partners, CRM Learning and Vivid Edge DVDs and USB purchase programs through April 30, 2017. Sale does not apply to the purchase of books or other ancillaries. For online streaming, please contact a sales representative at 800-408-5657. No industry discounts or additional sales can be combined with this special offer. Use sale code MPC25 at checkout.


Without Regard

Without Regard...to Race, Religion, Sex, National Origin, Age or Disability will help diminish the everyday stereotypes and assumptions about workplace diversity that are the basis for most discrimination claims.

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Good People, Bad Choices

This guide to workplace ethics and ethical decision-making provides an effective vehicle for discussion-based training. View situations where decisions center around business ethics topics including confidential information, gift giving, financial accountability, copyright infringement and more.

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Sexual Harassment: It's Not Enough to Know Better

Available as a series, or choose either Manager or Employee specific training to fullfil organization-wide sexual harassment education requirements. Includes timely information of sexual harassment issues that stem from email or internet misuse and also covers verbal, non-verbal and physical harassment. Series purchase includes a 5-minute sexual harassment meeting opener.

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Sexual Harassment: Awareness, Perception & Prevention…An Employee's Responsibility

Designed to fulfill an employee’s training requirement for sexual harassment education, this program focuses on building awareness of the various forms of sexual harassment, how these behaviors can be perceived as unwelcome and unlawful behavior, and what employees can do to prevent sexually suggestive behavior in the workplace. 

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Sexual Harassment: Awareness, Perception & Prevention…A Manager's Responsibility

Designed to fulfill a manager’s training requirement for sexual harassment education, this program focuses on the importance of zero tolerance, setting the right example, handling sexual harassment complaints, and responding with timely and thorough investigations.

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Calm Effectiveness: Excelling During Challenging Times

Calm Effectiveness captures the benefits of Dr. Robert Cooper’s groundbreaking approach that helps one tap into their hidden potential allowing. Viewers will learn to excel in a changing world. And they will do it with more energy, focus, and serenity.

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The Power of One

Benefit from The Power of One; a groundbreaking approach that unlocks hidden capacity to win in a changing world. With crystal-clear questions, uncommon wisdom, and proven solutions to work smarter, not harder – with more trust, initiative, integrity, and values.

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Breaking Through

Join Dr. Robert K. Cooper on a personal journey that will give you a new perspective on success. This inspirational program will help you learn more effective methods to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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Priorities for Life Series

The six videos in this series can help you begin or end any meeting with a clear and compelling focus on what really matters in leadership and life. They are filled with practical guidance, motivational themes and helpful reminders.

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Once and For All: Resolving Performance Challenges

Motivate middle managers not to accept poor performance, but to do something proactive about it. Use this program to support existing organizational practices for progressive discipline. This program can also be instrumental in the proper development of new managers, supervisors and team leaders.

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