Mastering PowerPoint 2010

49 Modules, 6 Hours

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most common tool used to do presentations in the workplace. This course teaches the most commonly used PowerPoint features and introduces some of the more advanced options.

Mastering PowerPoint 2010 demonstrates how to organize, create, and effectively share information. Learn what’s behind engaging presentations and take your PowerPoints from “ho-hum” to something that reaches out and captures the audience’s attention.

Once a solid grasp of the basics is obtained through the “getting started” section, the training quickly moves on to tables, charts, smart graphics, photo manipulation, video manipulation, and slide animation. Occasionally the instructor provides opinions on the best uses of PowerPoint, however this course is mainly about using the functions and not necessarily the “best” ways to use PowerPoint. More to that effect can be discovered through the course Power Up PowerPoint, which goes in-depth on best practices.

Move beyond bullet points!  In this training course, presentation expert Kelly Vandever and Maren Reaves will walk participants through all the features they need to know (and then some) with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.  Mastering PowerPoint 2010 includes materials covering:

  • Working with photos, clipart, and videos
  • When to use (and when not to use) animations and transitions
  • How to troubleshoot projectors and online meeting issues
  • Tips & Tweaks for over 100 PowerPoint 2010 functions and features!

Bigger Brains Courses Will Help Viewers Gain Business-Critical Knowledge and Master Skills That Can Have an Immediate and Dramatic Impact on Their Career

Since people retain information best when it is presented in short, focused topics, each Bigger Brains course is structured into short segments, usually no more than 12 to 15 minutes long. Take an entire course, or select specific areas to learn about.

Each part builds on the information presented in the previous segments, but the each section is also searchable and self-defined, in order to easily transition to those topics.

Just Minutes A Day, Or Even Per Week Can Give The Knowledge Needed to Get More Done

Through investing a few minutes, viewers can gain knowledge and skills that will enhance careers and result in a greater impact at work.

Languages: English


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Mastering PowerPoint 2010
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