The Employee Awareness Series
Program length: 420:00

Imagine a workplace where managers are knowledgeable, committed to vision and embody professionalism. Employees are energized and engaged; deadlines are met by time well spent. Teams cooperate. Business is productive and profitable. The Employee Awareness Series is an all-in-one talent management suite filled with 24 unique courses on Attitude, Behavior, Communication, Emotions, Safety & Health, Time Management and Workplace Essentials. Learning has never been so easy. Retention has never been so high.

Success begins with The Employee Awareness Series. 8 Volumes; 24 Training Titles. Each includes a course/trainer’s guide, viewer quiz and script. To view more information for each program, including individual purchase options, please click on the titles listed below:

Volume I: Attitude

Three training courses that will equip managers and employees with the skills and confidence necessary to build successful teams, handle change management, and conquer worry and doubt.

  1. Essential to the Team – 16 Minutes
  2. Open to Change – 17 Minutes
  3. Rid the Habit of Worrying – 12 Minutes

Volume II: Behavior

Three contemporary training programs that focus on unacceptable behaviors in the workplace.  Address sexual harassment, gossiping, and bullying to ensure employees and managers understand the boundaries of what is considered acceptable, unacceptable and inappropriate behavior at work.

  1. Sexual Harassment – 18 Minutes
  2. Shades of Gossip – 18 Minutes
  3. The Worker and the Bully – 15 Minutes

Volume III: Communication

Utilize the three courses in this volume to cover acceptable cell phone use while on the road or at work, to better communicate with customers and guarantee consistent and quality customer service, and to help employees and managers boost interpersonal and written communication skills.

  1. Cell Phones: Use and Misuse – 15 Minutes
  2. Excellence in Customer Service – 18 Minutes
  3. What is in a Written or Spoken Word – 15 Minutes

Volume IV: Emotions

Make sure that the unfortunate effects of anger, fear and deceit don’t interfere with your efforts to maintain a productive, effective, safe and respectful workplace.

  1. The Unfortunate Effects of Anger – 20 Minutes
  2. The Unfortunate Effects of Fear – 23 Minutes
  3. The Unfortunate Effects of Lies – 19 Minutes

Volume V: Orientation

Newcomers need direction. Start them off with the right attitude if you expect them to deliver the right results. Plant the seeds for successful onboarding with these three induction training videos.

  1. Go Green, Save Green – 16 Minutes
  2. Right Attitude, Right Results (Mindsets) – 28 Minutes
  3. The Successful Orientation – 14 Minutes

Volume VI: Safety & Health

Show your talent that you’ve got their backs…literally. This three course volume covering wellness, health and safety, uncovers hidden safety hazards, the fundamentals of back safety, and will show employees how keeping a healthy outlook on life aids morale and productivity in the office.

  1. Awareness is a Choice – 15 Minutes
  2. Creating a Healthy Outlook – 15 Minutes
  3. The Key to Good Ergonomics – 17 Minutes

Volume VII: Time Management

Time is scarce. Teach employees and managers how to focus, concentrate, excel and meet deadlines on time. The three productivity training programs in this volume are geared to help managers lead productive meetings and guide employees to manage themselves and maximize personal effectiveness.

  1. Managing Ourselves in a Timely Manner – 22 Minutes
  2. Meeting the Criteria for a Meeting – 20 Minutes
  3. Relax, Refocus, Rejoin – 15 Minutes

Volume VIII: Workplace Essentials

Professionals need reminders. New hires and new managers need guidance. Everyone must work together to prevent violence in the workplace. These three programs are a must for the modern, respectful workplace.

  1. Habits and the Considerate Worker – 16 Minutes
  2. Interviewing for a Job-Career Promotion – 17 Minutes
  3. Violence in the Workplace – 21 Minutes

Languages: English


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The Employee Awareness Series
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