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Media Partners' Training Philosophy

  To deliver a flawless learning experience every time.

OUR MOTTO:   "Have mercy on the learners."
Employees are typically a captive audience and would often rather be elsewhere. We want to help you surprise them with training programs which are clear, engaging, entertaining and memorable.  Like these... 

OUR GOAL:    To be the best part of the workday.
We want people to talk about their training at the dinner table. We want them to say, "I learned something great today." A lofty goal perhaps, but we aim high. If our programs make the viewer stop and think about how they interact with their customers and co-workers, then we've done our job.

We are passionate about affecting change in people through quality training. Most of us are based in Seattle, but our team wakes up in several time zones. Our programs are available on DVD, USB or ONLINE STREAMING; are in dozens of languages and used in over 80 countries around the planet.  You will also find programs on this site from other training producers who share our commitment to quality.