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Accountability That Works!
Program length: 22:00

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Accountability That Works! is an exciting, innovative training program that will provide everyone in your organization with the tools they need for a greater sense of empowerment, effectiveness and increased productivity. Participants will learn to view accountability as an ongoing process -- a method for achieving results.

The model presents a simple process structure: the "before" phase, the "during" phase and the "after" phase which are common to all tasks. When team members become accountable, this process will ensure clarity, ownership, and completion.

The Cycle of Accountability presented is:

  • The "before" phase: RESPONSIBILITY - When an individual or team establishes a mindset of ownership for the task and takes complete responsibility for getting it done.
  • The "during" phase: EMPOWERMENT - When the owner does whatever is necessary to complete the task. Identifying action steps, a timeline and gathering necessary resources.
  • The "after" phase: ACCOUNTABILITY - When the responsible party owns the outcome of the task. Regardless of the results, they are acknowledged and learning takes place.
  • And Behind It All: CLEAR AGREEMENTS - The glue that holds the three stages together so that accountability works!
Participants will Learn:
  • How to empower themselves to keep their agreements
  • How to hold others accountable for their agreements
  • How to be held accountable without being defensive
  • How to learn from mistakes, and continually improve personally and professionally

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Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish (dubbed or subtitled), Bahasa Indonesia (subtitled), Chinese Simplified (subtitled), Chinese Traditional (subtitled), Japanese (subtitled), French (dubbed), Italian (subtitled)

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Accountability That Works!
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