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Help protect your employees from the most common occupational injury in America by implementing the techniques in these best selling videos.

Back Safety & Ergonomics Training

Protecting Your Back

Educate your healthcare workers on safe lifting techniques and patient transfer, and avoid what OSHA has called "the nation's number one workplace safety problem."

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Ergonomics: Watch Your Back

Prevent musculoskeletal disorders among healthcare staff by following the ergonomic procedures presented in this video. This program is designed to help healthcare facilities take the preventative steps that will ensure a healthy staff.

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Safety Orientation: When Preparation Meets Opportunity

Safety Orientation is one of the most important parts of the healthcare profession. Without healthy staff members, those who are ailing won't improve. Be sure to brief new employees on slips, trips and falls as ell as electrical hazards, fire safety and medical waste.

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Be Safe at Work: Safety Orientation In Long-Term Care

Learn about safety in the long-term care environment. This orientation video covers slips, trips, and falls, as well as electrical and fire hazards.

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Patient Lifting: Safe Strategies

We've got your back! Help reduce the chances of musculoskeletal disorder with the NIOSH-approved techniques found in this program. Learn the right and wrong way to lift, bend and perform other physically demanding duties. Save your back to continue helping to care for others and save lives.

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Healthcare Ergonomics: Working to Your Advantage

Musculoskeletal disorders are the fastest growing category of occupational injuries in the United States. This pratical training program outlines the risks and explains how to precautions and safe practices.

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Ergonomics: Safe Patient Transfer

Back injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders are rampant in the healthcare industry. This program will help your staff understand the risks and the best practices they can implement to help protect themselves.

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