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How to Jump Start Gen "Y" Employees

COW-workplace-thumbnail-blueI am not a gamer.  I discovered that one day in 1982 while playing Ms Pac Man.  Every lunch break for 6 months I played in my three piece business suit until I got sweaty.  On my favorite machine the same player's initials, MAS, held the top 6 scores.  I never got close to breaking the top 10.

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Enthusiasm - The Key to Productivity & Innovation

Enthusiasm ThumbWhat's the difference between enthusiasm and gasoline? Maybe there's not much difference between the two. They both provide the power to drive us forward. The internal combustion engine of our automobile runs on gasoline. Gasoline vapor enters the cylinder and the spark plug ignites the fumes unleashing the power that can propel our vehicles over one hundred miles an hour.

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How To Hire the Right Gen "Y"er

COW-workplace-thumbnail-gold"This is a generation that does not believe in an unanswerable question." - Bruce Tulgan

When I first heard Bruce Tulgan say that, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  He was referring to the millions of potential new employees who have grown up with the answers in the palm of their hand.

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How to Change a Bad Attitude

COW CS Blue ThumbHave you ever heard this from a friend with a bad attitude?  "That's just who I am."  We all have bad days and we all struggle at times to be our better selves, but to surrender your whole identity to your weaker self is a life tragedy.

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Coaching: Inspiring, Encouraging, and Challenging

CoachingInspire ThumbIt's that maddening time of year again. NCAA Conference tourneys are underway and by next Monday morning, most of the nation's workforce will be sharing the lessons they learned in their continuing education bracketology. With that in mind, Michele Eby presents what it means to be a successful coach along with some inspiring words from legendary NCAA basketball coach John Wooden.

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