Posts for August 2014

Correcting Poor Performance

blog pc2 poor perfThere are two main reasons that managers correct an employee's poor performance in front of others and neither reason is about correcting the employee's poor performance.  The first is the manager's emotional need to scold or shame or be right.

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The Forgotten Internal Customer

TG2C4-THUMB160x120.jpgAs the saying goes, "We treat strangers better than we treat our family." Treating co-workers and team members with the same enthusiasm and attention that we give potential clients and good customers is one of the tougher challenges service professionals face. 

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Mediating a Team Member Dispute

UT-thumb_160x120Sometimes our natural instincts as managers can get us into trouble.  This is especially the case when faced with mediating an open dispute between hostile team members.  Our instincts tell us to quietly and privately gather the facts from each employee involved, but this leads directly to several pitfalls.

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