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All I Really Need to Know About Customer Service I Learned at a Dinner Party

dinner party_160x120My husband and I recently arrived at a wedding, but couldn't find it. The GPS said we'd arrived and the invitation said we'd arrived, but we were standing on a dilapidated, industrial waterfront dock with no wedding in sight.

After walking through rundown boats and barnacle-encrusted equipment, we came to an old ferry. We decided to got inside and see if we could find a wedding.

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5 Signs You Should Invest In Customer Service Training

boredcustomerservice_160x120I was at a Mexican Restaurant the other night and overhead a customer ask the waitress, "What's the best thing to eat here?" She answered, "I don't know. I don't like Mexican food."

Yikes! Can you say, "You need customer service training?"

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Three Steps for Handling Difficult Patients

Orange_needle_160x120When my little sister was training to be an RN, she came up one day and said, "I need to practice my injections on you."

"What?" I said. "You mean like with a needle?"

"Of course with a needle. I've been working on an orange for days, and I need skin now."

To prove her point, she pulled out a huge, perforated orange and a sticky needle.

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12 Steps to Coach Your Team to Success

12StepCoach ThumbAs a coach, it's up to you to help your team members step out of their comfort zone and stretch beyond their capabilities. It's your job to inspire them to work harder and more effectively than they've ever done before.

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Five Tips for a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Hand-Of-Businessman_160x120.jpgYou've met that person who can't seem to balance their work and home life. If you haven't met that person, you might the one with the problem.

Here's a non-scientific test to see whether you're work and life are out of whack (a la Jeff Foxworthy).

You might have a problem if . . .

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