Posts for June 2015

Six Ways to be a Better Manager

Be a Better Manager 160x120.jpgMy writers group was having problems with our leader. We didn't know how to fire him, so we took the passive aggressive route. We told him we were disbanding and then met another day without him.

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Workplace Harassment - How to Recognize It

Spot Harassment 160x120.jpg"It's just a joke."

"It's just a thing we do."

"He knows what I mean."

"It's a thing between us. You wouldn't understand."

"I was just trying to help."

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Four Steps to Effective Listening

workplacelistening_160x120.jpgMy writers group could use a class in listening. Last night we were in a restaurant reading a scene from a fellow screenwriter's script. When we were finished, the writer said, "I'll take any suggestions on the ending."

Everyone spoke up at once. It was chaos—everyone talking over the top of each other to be heard.

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Four Easy Ways to Show Respect in the Workplace

workplace respect_160x120.jpgOverheard a conversation during a conference...OK, maybe I was eavesdropping a bit—but it went something like this...

First Guy, "I'm thinking about quitting. I don't get the respect I deserve there."

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Connecting Quickly in Business

connectinginbusiness_160x120.jpgI just spent a week on jury duty. For two days a group of 70 of us were questioned by attorneys to see if we had any attitudes or biases that would make us unfit jurors on a criminal trial.

Attorneys can no longer grill potential jurors individually, so they use more of a "Donahue style" approach—walking around, asking questions like Phil Donahue used to do in his talk show, getting the audience to participate.

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