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Posts by Christopher Flores

6 Seahawks Traits to Take Your Organization to the Next Level

Russell Wilson Costco_160x120.jpgJump on into the Seahawks bandwagon! We have plenty of room and only one more stop to make. While Sunday promises a matchup between the NFL’s best there is much more to this Seattle team than people realize. A closer look reveals that the Hawks are not simply just another NFL team; they are a vision of success for businesses and organizations everywhere.

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Leadership in the NFL? Better Deflate Expectations

LeadershipInTheNFLthumb.jpgTwo days from now the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots will meet in the Superbowl to determine who takes home the Vince Lombardi trophy and title of NFL World Champions. In a game with rich storylines between two teams who appear to be very evenly matched, media coverage to this point has been focused primarily on the developing controversy of “Deflate Gate” and what fine we can expect to be levied on Marshawn Lynch for his continued avoidance of media interaction. 

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Gays, Bullies & Racists: Just another Day at the Office in the Business Called the NFL

NFL Draft ThumbA few hours from now the NFL's first-year player draft is set to begin. This year an openly gay athlete will wait to hear his name called by the NFL commissioner.  His name is Michael Sam and these next days will be the longest of his life. Only 32 players will be selected in the first round, and odds are Michael Sam will not be one of them, but by Friday morning speculation will be rampant: What NFL team will be the first in history to roster an openly-gay player?

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America's Workplace Bully Problem

Bully Thumb"No other country in the world does what we do. On every issue, the world turns to us—because of the ideals we stand for, and the burdens we bear to advance them." - President Barack Obama, 2014 State of the Union Address
However regarding the growing issue of workplace bullying, the world has made its decision...without us.

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Welcome to the MPC Training Blog...

Blog Intro ThumbMedia Partners Corporation is pleased to welcome all visitors to our new training blog. Our company creates and distributes products that raise awareness about modern workplace issues, help employees improve personal effectiveness, group productivity and cooperation, and equip managers with invaluable skills necessary to thrive in today’s complex work environment. Expect no less from our training blog.

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