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Posts by Jerrin Padre

The 5 Love Languages At Work

5 Love Languages_giftsEmployee Appreciation -- it's what every employee wants, and what every manager and team leader needs to show. See how The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace can help managers take the right approach.

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How to Handle Those Pesky Time Thieves - Time Management for Managers

MM thievesManagers face 50-60 interruptions a day. In the moment, it can feel like it's best to handle each distraction as it comes up  But, at the end of day, this strategy adds up to a LOT of lost time. See what managers can do to avoid this pesky time thief

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How to Stop Sexual Harassment Once & For All -- Awareness to Action

OFA Employee_smallThis article provides an overview of current information and statistics on workplace sexual harassment along with specific how-to's for effective training and gaining an organization-wide commitment to change.

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The Power of Storytelling (and How L&D Can Harness It)

Storytelling Video_blog thumbFor Learning & Development, harnessing the power of storytelling makes training more engaging and memorable, creating an ideal foundation for lasting change. Here's a short video with tips on how to incoporate storytelling into your training.

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How Recognition Fuels Motivation

RecognitionFor many, recognition for a job well done is more than just acknowledgement—it’s positive reinforcement: a reward that makes you feel seen, appreciated, and motivated to keep fighting the good fight. In order for organizations to position themselves towards success and growth, it’s important to develop a culture of recognition. Here are a few day-to-day tactics for doing so.

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How Filters (like "The Guest Filter") Improve Workplace Communication

Filters and CommunicationAs the workforce continues to grow and diversify—spanning different ages, backgrounds, values, and communication styles—the potential for conflict, divisiveness, and alienation of others increases. The ability to use "filters" is one way to maintain a respectful, inclusive workplace.

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Communication in the Workplace

5 Easy_synopsisSolid communication is the foundation of success within an organization. It holds teams together, keeps projects on track, and positively impacts individual performance. When communication is good, mistakes are minimized and outcomes are maximized. Here are 5 ways to foster effective communication.

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What Are Your Unconscious Biases? A Quick Test

Unconscious Bias Test Clip_blog_smallIn an effort to build inclusive and collaborative work environments, it’s important for everyone to be aware of their inherent biases. This one-minute clip can provide helpful insights.

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How Good Intentions Can Go Awry: Creating a Harassment-Free Environment

Mark & Sheila synopsisWhile sexual harassment (rightfully) generates a significant amount of attention these day, it’s only part of the whole picture. Failing to push toward a holistic understanding of the issue of workplace harassment can have serious consequences on an organization where even well-intentioned behaviors can become harassing conduct.

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What Leaders Can Learn from Lobsters

Lobster blog_thumbnailWhen it comes to what can help a leader grow…lobsters provide an important insight. Watch this 1-minute clip.

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