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Posts by Kathryn Dawson

A Guide to Human Capital Management

HumanThumbnailRather than treat workers however as simply a resource to be utilized by a company, this field takes a very positive view of staff, assuming first that they all wish to contribute to the overall success of the company.

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The Role of Human Resources Management in Business

ChessThumbThe role of the HR department has changed over the years and now more of a strategic role is taken by professionals in this field.

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HR Management Success Begins with RPO

PickupThumbnailThere is a a different kind of RPO (recruitment process outsourcing), one that you own, customize and streamline to your needs.

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How Talent Management Produces Effective Leaders through Performance Management

FutureThumbnailAn individual approach can be adapted to the needs of various companies as they develop a future leader through a talent management cycle.

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