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How To Use Both High Tech and High Touch to Build and Keep Your Customer Base

MailboxThumbChanging your mix of marketing efforts to include both high-tech and high-touch both helps you continue to build your customer base and keeps customers and prospects from tuning out.

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Customer Loyalty - 4 Ways To Use A Bad Situation To Build Customer Loyalty

FragileThumbGreat service builds loyalty. Great service when there is a bad situation builds even more customer loyalty. You can benefit from a bad situation using these four points.

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3 Ways To Win Loyalty and Build A Reputation for Customer Service

Brand Loyalty_160x120You'll never know exactly how much business you lose due to so-so customer service. But I guarantee that if your business is in trouble, a lack of customer service is one root cause of your situation. To turn your business around, try sharply redefining what acceptable customer service is for you.

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