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Results You Can See: Behavior Changes Associated with Top Media Partners Films

November 30, 2017
By Media Partners
At Media Partners, we often talk about our "behavior-changing content".  It's a claim we are confident making because time and time again we hear from customers that our films DO make a difference.  Here are just a few examples: 

Give 'em The Pickle      
Training Category: Customer Service
Changed Behavior: Employees more frequently take actions that demonstrate a commitment to making customers happy.
Organizational Benefit:  Improved customer satisfaction.

Product: "How Was Your Day?" Getting Real About Bias, Inclusion, Harassment & Bullying     
Training Category:
 Respectful Workplace
Changed Behavior: Employees more likely to think before they act, which helps reduce insensitive (and potentially harassing and prejudicial) behaviors.
Organizational Benefit: More respectful and inclusive work environment.

Product: The Abilene Paradox      
Training Category:
 Team Leadership/Group Decision Making
Changed Behavior: Leaders avoid "false consensus" by encouraging debate and giving people with dissenting opinions an opportunity to speak freely.
Organizational Benefit:  Fewer bad decisions.  More inclusive culture.

Product: The Practical Coach 2     
Training Category:
Changed Behavior: Workplace coaches more apt to address good or bad performance when it appears…rather than wait until performance review time. 
Organizational Benefit:  More productive employees.

Product: Let's Get Honest/He Said She Said      
Training Category
 Sexual Harassment
Changed Behavior: Employees apply the "Grandma Filter" among other devices to help prevent themselves from doing or saying things that are inappropriate or illegal.
Organizational Benefit: More respectful work environment.

Product: Accountability That Works!      
Training Category:
Changed Behavior: Tasks are more clearly assigned and “owned”; individuals and teams are better able to get things done correctly and on time. 
Organizational Benefit:  Improved productivity and results.

Product: How to 90 Seconds or Less  (Business and Healthcare versions)    
Training Category:
Customer Service/Sales
Changed Behavior: Individuals augment their attitude, body language and approach towards people with behaviors that help them build trust and rapport.
Organizational Benefit:  Improved customer satisfaction. Improved relationships between co-workers.

Product: Keeping the Good Ones      
Training Category: 
Changed Behavior: Managers strive to connect more with team members through regular “check ins” and make sure good work is recognized and appreciated.
Organizational Benefit:  Improved Employee Retention.

Product: ACTIONS Speak: Behavioral Interviewing with Dr. Paul Green      
Training Category: 
Changed Behavior: Interviewers go into interviews better prepared and equipped to ask behavior-based questions.  
Organizational Benefit: Better hiring.

Product: Positive Discipline--Resolving Tough Performance Problems Quickly & Permanently    Training Category: Performance Management
Changed Behavior: Supervisors able to keep performance discussions productive and hold the employee accountable for following through on the decided-upon improvement plan.  
Organizational Benefit: More successful employees (and supervisors).

Why not see for yourself? We encourage to browse the website and take advantage our our free full-length previews.   Be sure to explore our Media Partners Plus subscription service where you get unlimited access to ALL our behavior-changing content via one flexible and affordable subscription.