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The Power of Storytelling (and How L&D Can Harness It)

November 14, 2019
By Jerrin Padre
Here at Media Partners we appreciate the power of a good story. In fact, masterful storytelling is one of the unique strengths we bring to content creation. The short video embedded here summarizes the science behind the power of storytelling and gives L&D practitioners tips for using it effectively.

A great story does much more than entertain.
As we explained in our last storytelling post, research reveals that hearing stories impacts multiple regions of the brain, therefore increasing the likelihood of information retention.

For Learning & Development professionals, using storytelling in training makes the training more engaging and more memorable, creating an ideal foundation for lasting change.

This 3-minute video has takeaways and tips you can put to use right away:

By incorporating storytelling into your training, you can give your learners something they’ll remember.
We hope this video inspires you to give it try! Feel free to share the video with others.

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