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(Infographic) Generations at Work: The Workforce Landscape in 2017

Generations info imageThis infographic provides current statistics depicting generational trends in today’s workforce, including recently released survey results on the up and coming segment, Gen Z. 

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6 Ways to Engage Disengaged Millennials

engaged_thumbnailWhat can you do to engage your millennials and provide them with the continuous learning they desire? Here are 6 research-backed tips.

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Busting Generation Y Myths

Millennials_160x120.jpgMy nieces are staying with my parents while they look for jobs. This has been interesting to watch. As Generation Y gals, things turn on a dime. They have little patience. They expect employers to hire quickly. If they haven't gotten a call back in 48 hours, they move on. Waiting isn't an option. In fact, I'm not sure it's even in their vocabulary.

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Why Training for the Millennial Generation is Vital

FrustratedBabyBoomer_160x120.jpgI just attended conference where Baby Boomer managers discussed their frustrations with attracting and retaining the Millennial generation (those born between 1980 and the early 2000s), also known as Generation Y.

Two statistics really got the managers worked up:

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How to Manage a New Generation the Old Fashioned Way

COW-workplace-thumbnail-blue"Micro-managing" has been a dirty word in business for the last several decades.  It is the parental equivalent of "smothering."  The backlash against hands-on, super engaged management came when the teenagers of the (Flower Power) 1970s entered the workforce.  The parenting style used with this (my) generation was one of relative freedom, and therefore it was no surprise that freedom in the workplace was what that generation of new employees desired.

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