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Posts in Harassment

Infographic - Getting Real about Bias, Diversity, Harassment & Bullying

harassment-thumbnailHere's a research-based infographic that contains important statistics on bias, diversity, harassment and bullying.  Use the information to help make improvements in your workplace... and feel free to share the link with others.

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Bullying - Free Self Assessment

Bully thumbnailSometimes managers and employees fail to see certain behaviors in the workplace as bullying. This free self-assessment helps build awareness.

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[infographic] Sexual Harassment: Is It or Isn’t It

Sexual Harassment ThumbSexual harassment is often thought of as obvious displays of inappropriate behavior that very clearly crosses boundaries. However, in reality, classifying behavior as illegal sex-based harassment is much more complex. 

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Building a Culture of Respect

Respect thumbA respectful workplace is imperative to acheiving high levels of employee morale and allows for productivity to grow.

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Sexual Harassment Training for the Education & Government Workplace

Sexual Harassment ThumbTeach employees in education and government settings with these employee training videos that discuss how to avoid sexual harassment.

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How to Address Your Boss with Serious Employee Concerns

WomanThumbFive ways to get your boss's attention as well as getting serious employee concerns addressed.

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Workplace Harassment - How to Recognize It

Spot Harassment 160x120.jpg"It's just a joke."

"It's just a thing we do."

"He knows what I mean."

"It's a thing between us. You wouldn't understand."

"I was just trying to help."

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Stopping a Bully in the Workplace

workplacebully_160x120.jpgWhen you were a kid, bullies were sent to the principal's office. But if you've got a bully in the workplace, it's not quite as easy. Bullying comes in many forms—from gossiping and spreading rumors to placing someone in a dangerous situation.

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Fifteen Ways to Spot Bullying in Your Organization

bullyingkids_160x120.jpgWe're all familiar with bullying. It's estimated that around half of employees have experienced some type of bullying at work. And I estimate the other half got a taste of it in junior high. Bullies are simple creatures. They need to be in control, at the expense of their target. If that isn't bad enough, they encourage the same behaviors in others.

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