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Posts in Sexual Harassment

How to Stop Sexual Harassment Once & For All -- Awareness to Action

OFA Employee_smallThis article provides an overview of current information and statistics on workplace sexual harassment along with specific how-to's for effective training and gaining an organization-wide commitment to change.

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Say Goodbye to Sexual Harassment Training Compliance Confusion

SH Compliance GuideDesigned to complement our multi-award-winning training program, Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment, Media Partners' Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Compliance Guide is an efficient, user-friendly online manual that takes the mystery and confusion out of sexual harassment training.

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(eBook) From Awareness to Action: How to Stop Sexual Harassment Once & For All

SH eBook_cover-thumb-rev 2This free eBook from Media Partners provides a thorough understanding of where we are now with workplace sexual harassment prevention, and where we need to be. Strategies for effective training and gaining an organization-wide commitment to change are provided.

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Content is Crucial: Award-winning Training - Should You Care?

Award_genericDoes it really matter if a training film is "award winning"? In this post (Part 3 of our Content is Crucial Series), we examine how organizations and learners benefit from programs that have been honored for cinematic and educational excellence.

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Bystander is a Verb

Bystander is a Verb_thumbYou’ve probably heard of bystander intervention, but do you know what it means to put it into practice? Here are some guidelines you can follow.

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Speaking From Experience: Why Managers Need Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

OFA Manager 3When employees approach their manager with a sexual harassment complaint, it's critically important that the manager know how to handle the situation properly. This article gives several reasons why manager-specific sexual harassment prevention training should be a strategic imperative in today's organizations.

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(30-Second Trailer) Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work

OFA Employee_smallThis 30-second trailer provides a glimpse Once & For All -- the top training choice of organizations committed to stopping sexual harassment at work.

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(Video Clip) Ignoring Harassment Doesn't Solve the Issue

OFA warehouse jeering_smallAs this video clip shows, inappropriate comments and gestures in the workplace are often ignored for the sake of "getting along". But is that really an effective course of action?

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Types of Sexual Harassment (Interactive Graphic)

OFA interactive graphic_thumbSexual harassment is a complex topic, especially when it comes to understanding the two types of sexual harassment and the different forms each can take. This interactive graphic provides easy-to-understand definitions and helpful examples, including short video clips.

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(Infographic for Managers) How to Protect Yourself from Sexual Harassment Charges

OFA infographic thumbSexual harassment in the workplace is a complex issue. A complaint of inappropriate conduct against a manager—whether the complaint is legitimate or not, and regardless of whether the conduct rises to the level of illegal sexual harassment or not—has a significant impact on all involved. 

This infographic provides managers with indispensable tips for using common sense and extra caution when interacting with employees and colleagues.

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