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Bloodborne Pathogens: Always Protect Yourself
Program length: 16:00

Bloodborne Pathogens: Always Protect Yourself  teaches employees how to safeguard themselves when exposed to bloodborne pathogens.  OSHA-compliant, dramatic reenactments demonstrate effective and proper exposure control principles, practices and requirements from three vantage points: the victim, the responder and the co-worker. As the story unfolds, employees will learn how to protect themselves when they are exposed to an incident involving blood.

A comprehensive training course, Bloodborne Pathogens: Always Protect Yourself provides everything you need to ensure your employee learn the key concepts and practices to remain safe. In addition to training that complies with OSHA standards and requirements, this program also includes:

  • A step-by-step guide to help you develop your Exposure Plan
  • A Sample Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Plan
  • 11 different Record Keeping Forms, including:
    • Exposure Determinations Forms I & II, Incident Checklist, Incident Report, Training Record, Medical Release/Refusal Form, Program Evaluation Form, Equipment Checklist, Exposed Employee Release Form, HBV Vaccination Declination Statement, Sample Letter to Health Care Provider


Languages: English, Portuguese (subtitle), Spanish


A CLMI release

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Bloodborne Pathogens: Always Protect Yourself
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