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Bloodborne Pathogens: Protect Yourself
Program length: 15:00

Bloodborne pathogens are microorganisms that can cause disease when transmitted from an infected individual to another individual through blood and certain body fluids. They are capable of causing serious illness and death and the most common illnesses are Hepatitis B and C and AIDS (HIV). These  “invisible” but deadly threats require proper training and continuing education where a chance for exposure exists. Bloodborne Pathogens: Protect Yourself has you and your workplace covered.

The industrial workplace represents an environment unlike many others. Heavy machinery and automation equipment represent potential hazards not found in any other work environment and as such, require specific training regarding potential accidents that could result in exposure to blood. Bloodborne Pathogens: Protect Yourself will help your workplace comply with OSHA’s Standard on Bloodborne Pathogens (OSHA 1910.1030) and give your workers the tips and training needed to guard themselves these deadly organisms.

Languages: English, Portuguese (subtitle), Spanish


A DuPont Sustainable Solutions release

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Bloodborne Pathogens: Protect Yourself
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