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Forward-thinking healthcare organizations have already begun implementing anti-bullying standards and practices. These programs can help foster a more respectful work environment for staff and patients.


Bullying in the Workplace

"How Was Your Day?" Getting Real about Bias, Inclusion, Harassment and Bullying

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"How Was Your Day?" draws employees in AND GETS THEM TALKING ABOUT how to recognize and understand their workplace responsibilities in the areas of unconscious bias, diversity & inclusion, harassment and bullying.

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Preventing Workplace Bullying: How to Recognize and Respond to Bullies at Work

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Bullying in the workplace is four times more prevalent than illegal harassment. This program depicts bullying behavior using short vignettes to teach 4 keys to recognize, address and prevent bullying at work. A powerful tool for training on this important topic and fulfilling the AB2053 mandate.

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Workplace Bullying Prevention Made Simple

This program helps employees understand how the effects of bullying on victims can manifest into very real physical and mental health issues. Prevent bullying and harassment from robbing the some of the brightest employees of a voice in the organization.

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Let's Talk... Harassment, Bullying & Respect

Unfortunately, Harassment and Bullying can occur in any organization.  This program address these topics in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner so that the learner clearly understands the legal definitions of these issues as well as the impact on employees and organizations.

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Disruptive Behavior: Too Great a Cost

Disruptive healthcare employees adversely affect patient care, employee morale, communication, and team work. Find out how this training can neutralize negative behaviors and create a more supportive work environment for everyone.

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