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Getting To Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In
Program length: 120:00

Getting to Yes will show importance of avoiding premature commitment to negotiation and to explore ways to move in an orderly way toward closure, so that final decisions are made with an operational agreement in hand to review.

This negotiations training workshop helps viewers deepen and enrich understanding of the elements of negotiation, as the program suggests ways to put these ideas into practice, and to offers ways that participants can go about continuously improving their skills over time.

Getting to Yes: Workshop Format

Intended for anyone who negotiates important matters in an organization or as a professional, Getting To Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In is available in a full version, two hour workshop, or a 60-minute shortcut version. This program can be used for management team workshops, off-site formal executive development programs, and individual study.

Segment One: Interests

Introduce the concept of positions and interests and to explore ways to identify and talk about them in negotiation.

  • Differentiate between positions and interests in negotiation.
  • Use questions to bring out interests, even when the other side is reluctant.

Segment Two: Options

Illustrate the importance of separating the process of inventing possible options for agreement from the process of deciding among those options, and to show how to brainstorm creative options that dovetail differing interests for mutual gain.

Segment Three: Standards

Viewers will learn how to explore how independent standards can help parties to reach an agreement when interests conflict without either side having to back down.

Segment Four: People

Learn how to minimize people problems in negotiation in order to deal effectively with them.

  • Disentangle people problems to form substantive ones.
  • Use people techniques like active listening to deal with people problems.

Segment Five: Alternatives (BATNA)

Explain the importance of exploring alternatives to agreement, estimating each side's BATNA - Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement, and improving yours.

  • Figure out when it makes sense to walk away from a negotiation, and when it does not.

Languages: English


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Getting To Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In
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