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More Bloody Meetings
Program length: 28:00

If your employees cringe when they say, “I am going to a meeting,” it may be due to a lack of involvement and team building in everyday business meetings. Hosting and managing a meeting is not merely a tool to announce policy changes or even to discuss proper procedure. In order to instill a sense of unity and teambuilding, your meetings must focus on interaction by allowing employees to work together.

More Bloody Meetings builds on the original Meetings, Bloody Meetings to demonstrate the importance of involving team members in the decision-making process. The guilty manager, John Cleese, returns in this sequel. He dreams he is back in court, charged with neglecting the human aspect of his meetings. His misdemeanors are replayed as evidence, from failing to prevent a squabble, to allowing the discussion to go off at a tangent and then allowing himself to be railroaded into a poor decision.

More Bloody Meetings is perfect to follow up and reinforce the necessity of managers and leadership to involve everyone in the decision-making process and ensuring that they understand key points at all stages.

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Languages Available (sold separately): English


A Video Arts release

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More Bloody Meetings
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