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Presentation is Everything
Program length: 17:00

We've all had to sit through presentations that have left us shell-shocked, bored or baffled. A poorly delivered presentation can leave us feeling confused, and the presenter feeling dejected. A thoughtful, well-prepared presentation can fill the presenter with confidence that they've got the message across in an interesting and engaging way.

Alan is an old pro at presentations. He's given more than he cares to mention...and more than his audiences care to remember! Enter co-worker Christine, who helps him reflect on his less than glorious efforts and helps him think through his preparation, structure and style to guarantee that everyone leaves his presentations with a clear understanding of what he was trying to convey.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


A Video Arts release

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Presentation is Everything
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    Melissa Clark - HR Rep
This is an excellent program that captured our employees' attention with both its humor and its substance. The video covers how to gain and keep your audience's attention during presentations. Employees seemed to get a lot out of the material covered, and they also enjoyed watching it from an entertainment standpoint - it's very funny and well acted. The supplementary materials included - PowerPoint slide, course leader's guide, and self-study guide -- are well done, too, and make a good addition to the DVD. Definitely recommended.

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