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The Complete Hell Series

This series of shorts are meant to add a little levity to a meeting where any number of important issues may need to be discussed. John Cleese and a terrific cast demonstrate some of the worst types of people we deal with at work.

Bosses From Hell! - 11:46 minutes

Some of the worst bosses can make us laugh the most -- as long as they aren't ours. Bosses From Hell covers a wide range of stereotypical bosses that you can't help but recognize. You may have had bosses like these, or even been one yourself. Now you and your workplace can, with this collection of amusing shorts, see the humor in negative workplace behaviors.

Colleagues from Hell! - 10:00 minutes

You can rarely choose who you work with, and there are some characters that are a nightmare to deal with day-to-day. They're typified in these clips in From 'No' to 'Yes', Talking To The Team, The Paper Chase, Straight Talking and other programs.

Communicators from Hell! - 10:00 minutes

You're not the only one who has been confused at work for no apparent reason. This program acknowledges that sometimes it's the fault of a horrible communicator. With one witty sketch after another, Communicators From Hell illustrates several different communication problems. With simple and reasonable introductions, each sketch has a meaningful impact and a fun presentation.

Customer Services from Hell! - 10:00 minutes

More amusing sketches from the Complete Hell Series lend a light touch to workplace issues that can cause people endless frustration. Common negative customer service attitudes and problems are addressed in realistic situations by a comedic cast who will make you step back for a moment and see customer service at your workplace, in a new light.

Customers from Hell! - 10:00 minutes

Customer care providers deal with all kinds of customers. Sometimes it's nice to pause and take a look at the humorous side of dealing with the most difficult ones. Another entertaining collection of comedy sketches from the Complete Hell Series is designed to bring the focus away from the negative feelings these customers cause and back to the job at hand.

Employees from Hell! - 10:00 minutes

Of course, we always have to remain calm and professional at work, but sometimes it's a good idea to just let go and take a wry look at our situation. Ease the tension with scenarios you can identify with in this program starring John Cleese. Some of the funniest characters demonstrate some of the most frustrating situations for managers in this continuation of The Complete Hell Series.

Interviewers from Hell! - 10:00 minutes

Add some humor to one of those serious office meetings! This meeting opener provides hilarious sketches that are great for breaking the ice or lightening the atmosphere, while still staying on topic. John Cleese leads a talented cast in this classic look at the typical bad interviewer.

Public Service From Hell! - 10:00 minutes

Sometimes it seems like any time we enter a public office we deal with people who seem to have an endless series of bad days. This series of short sketches pokes fun at the frustrations we encounter when we seek help from public services.

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The Complete Hell Series
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