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Are You With Me?
Program length: 22:00

When interacting with people face to face, we naturally tend to do what we can to understand one another, to ensure that we're communicating clearly, and to make certain we are making a connection. But often times, when interacting over the telephone, it's easy to forget these elements of common courtesy.

The Are You With Me? training video presents a simple truth: If you take the time to connect with every caller in the same way you connect with people face to face, all the basic "do's and don'ts" of common phone courtesy fall naturally into place.

Languages: English


A Star Thrower Group release

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Are You With Me?
reviewed by 2 people
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
What if we behaved at a house party as we do on the phone? That's the premise for this creative, well-done film that just might motivate telephone CSRs to think twice before they transfer their customers or put them on hold. While fun and upbeat, this film also realistically portrays the challenges many telephone CSRs face in a day. This film offers solid telephone customer service training.

  • Contrast between phone conversations and face-to-face interactions clearly reinforces learning points.
  • Addresses real-world concern of juggling phone calls.
  • Offers strong summary of learning points at end of film.
  • Too long.
    Debbie M. - Sales Training Manager
Question # 1 asked if the program content sustained the viewer's interest. The content is good, but the length gives your mind time to wander!
Question # 2 asks was the info memorable and easy to understand. Easy to understnd yes, memorable...maybe. I am a HUGE fan of 'The Guest' and I find our staff enjoys the humourous training videos the most and, therefore, gain greater understanding and buy in of the concepts.

This program did a good job of touching on all the phone etiquette/customer service points and the points were clearly supported.

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