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It's Your Call
Remarkable Customer C.A.R.E. On The Phone
Program length: 26:00

From being an active listener and gracefully guiding phone calls, to handling dissatisfied customers and keeping a fresh outlook call after call, It's Your Call: Remarkable Customer C.A.R.E. on the Phone  emphasizes personal accountability as it teaches your employees to actively improve their telephone customer service skills. 

The simple answer is that great telephone customer service professionals make a choice: Every day…with every customer…on every call, they choose to do all they can to make the customer's experience as positive as it can be. In other words, they care. And it isn't just that they want to care, it's that they know how to care. Great customer service providers know they have to stay Connected, Attentive, Responsible, and Enthusiastic. 

It’s Your Call shows how to provide this kind of C.A.R.E. by teaching the following:

  • Make a personal connection with each caller
  • Ask callers questions that will give you valid information about their needs
  • Keep calls on track
  • Communicate clearly with customers about what you are doing for them
  • Avoid taking tough calls personally
  • Identify ways to maintain your enthusiasm

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Languages Available (sold separately): English


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It's Your Call
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
This film offers viewers a lot of good, practical information about how to handle customers on the phone. The black and white scenes comparing face-to-face service with telephone service are funny and pointed. The scenarios are memorable and strongly support the C.A.R.E. learning points.

  • C.A.R.E. acronym is easy to remember.
  • Service scenarios play out realistic customer scenes and strongly support the learning points.
  • Too long.
  • Doesn't address less than ideal outcomes.

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