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Just a Call Away Series

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Designed specifically for call centers, each program in this comprehensive five-part Just a Call Away series addresses different customer service issues. From dealing with an irate customer, to learning how to handle an overly talkative customer, this series presents valuable information in a humorous and creative way.

The Really Angry Customer - 14:00 minutes

Our extremely rushed customer's goal is to make it home in time for the delivery of his first child; but, circumstances with the airlines and his bank's call center aren't making it any easier. The Really Angry Customer training demonstrates how to calm angry customers and get the information needed to deal effectively with the issues. Loaded with practical ideas, this program will help you and your employees solve problems and guarantee your customer's satisfaction.

The Outbound Call - 14:00 minutes

You never know how important the person who answers the phone can be to the success of your call, so don't take them for granted. Being prepared, focused, and succinct from the get-go are the first steps in meeting your call objective. The Outbound Call training video prepares employees to make the most out of each call. It demonstrates how to use skillful questioning to win the customer's confidence and make the sale.

It's Your Call - 14:00 minutes

Some customers just like to talk, often about issues unrelated to the purpose of their call. But with ever increasing sales targets and call quotas, it's important to keep employees and thier callers focused on the objective of the call. The It's Your Call training video shows you how to do just that, as well as teaching the essentials of achieving sales goals without jeopardizing good customer care. It's also a great training tool for effective cross-selling techniques.

Customers With a Difference - 16:00 minutes

The Customers With A Difference training video addresses one of the biggest problems all organizations have: talking with people who use English as a second language. What do you do, and how do you do it? This program will encourage your customer service agents to stretch their comfort zone when dealing with customers who may have a different culture than theirs.

Attitude is Everything - 14:00 minutes

Having missed his flight, our customer has one more chance to make it home. A call center employee, who really listens to his plight, goes the extra mile to deliver customer satisfaction. The Attitude is Everything training video will equip your front-line with the right body posture, intonations, listening skills and mental approach for each call -- skills that can make the difference between good service and really great service!

Languages: English

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Just a Call Away Series
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