On The Receiving End
Program length: 28:32
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Customers who are inarticulate, difficult, or helpless can become a call center operator's worst nightmare. Effective managers know that it takes more than just a good telephone manner to deal with these types of callers -- good training is also essential.

On the Receiving End shows how customers can be kept satisfied and loyal to an organization. The video demonstrates how to listen carefully, ask relevant questions and assess customers' needs. It explains how a successful relationship is developed by clearly outlining the available options to customers and agreeing upon a course of action.

By looking for opportunities, staff will be able to add value to their service, becoming an agent who is able to solve customers' problems efficiently and easily. The result is a satisfied customer who will be comfortable with conducting business over the phone and who will not hesitate to call again.

Languages: English


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On The Receiving End
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