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Leadership and the New Science
Program length: 23:00

The guiding paradigms of most organizations were set 400 years ago and have changed little. This program shows how advances made in understanding nature can be applied to managing organizations in today's ever-changing world.

Based on Dr. Margaret J. Wheatley's best-selling book, Leadership and the New Science explains that chaos is a necessary and creative force that creates order. Viewers learn about sharing information to empower people and organize tasks and developing relationships to energize teams and achieve peak performance.

The New Science -- the science of chaos, evolutionary biology, quantum mechanics and field theory -- provides evidence that organizations can be managed in natural ways, just as complex systems in nature manage themselves. Is there a simple way to manage complex organizations in this turbulent business environment where chaos prevails? Dr. Margaret J. Wheatley is sure of it.

Participants will learn:

  • That chaos is a necessary force that creates order
  • How sharing information empowers people and organizes tasks
  • How developing relationships helps achieve peak performance

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Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish (dubbed), Cantonese (dubbed), Hebrew (subtitled)

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Leadership and the New Science
reviewed by 1 people
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
The idea that order comes out of chaos is interesting and well-supported by nature. However, most viewers will likely have a tough time sitting through more than 20 minutes of discussion about it and its connection to the business world.

  • Learning points are strongly supported.
  • Interesting premise about the connection between the sciences and how we interact at work.
  • Much too long and very dry.
  • Doesn't inspire or motivate a viewer to make behavioral changes.

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