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Make Change Work for You: Anna’s Story
Program length: 21:00

“During change, employees lose 2 hours of productivity per day haphazardly processing what the change means for them personally.  This does not have to be!  Provide your employees with our proven 5 Actions Steps for leading themselves through change and they’ll get their heads back in the game quickly to help achieve organizational goals.” – Dr. Julie M. Smith, Founder of ChangePartner

This interactive, video-based learning workshop reaches ALL employees, from front line workers to senior leaders, and with content derived from ChangePartner's Founder, Dr. Julie M. Smith, and her groundbreaking book, When "It" Happens! @ Work. She is a world-class change leadership consultant and has pioneered some of the most innovative change tools available today. 

The 5 Actions Steps

Upon completion of the change management training program, participants will be able to understand and implement the 5 Action Steps to more rapidly adjust to change:

  1. Overcome the negative feelings that can come with change
  2. Reframe unproductive thought & beliefs
  3. Unfreeze and try new behaviors
  4. Arrange encouraging consequences to keep themselves motivated
  5. Discover the impact they have on others as they deal with change

About Anna’s Story...

A company merger presents Anna with a host of unwelcome changes, including a new job assignment, a tough new boss, and a longer commute. Anna reacts with sarcasm at work and anger at home. Her handling of this change takes its toll—at work her new colleagues are wary and keep their distance from her; at home her family life is disrupted. Fortunately, in her heart of hearts, Anna knows there’s a better way to handle change. Led by her better self, viewers see Anna take 5 Action Steps—simple but powerful—to become Change-Resilient™.

This cutting edge training suite is rooted in the concepts introduced by Dr. Julie M. Smith's bestselling book. Make Change Work for You – Anna’s Story showcases a powerful personal change model that people “get” immediately. The accompanying training video, workshops, and easy-to-use support tools have been widely acclaimed by leaders and employees as breakthroughs in helping people understand, embrace, and enact organizational changes—and become truly Change-Resilient™.

Languages: English


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Make Change Work for You: Anna’s Story
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