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Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow™: Navigating Your Changing Role
Program length: 23:00

The transition from a non-manager employee to supervisor can present unforeseen difficulties. Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow explores the stories of five friends as they reflect honestly upon the mixed feelings they experienced as they advanced through their career paths. Prepare your employees for the trying situations they might encounter as they assume a management position and a new role within the organization or company. 

Through the following scenarios, participants will learn:

  • How to overcome the fear of losing friendships
  • How to properly discipline a former peer
  • How to supervise former elder co-workers
  • How to enforce policies they may have previously violated as an employee
  • How to avoid the appearance of favoritism
  • How to manage confidentiality
  • How to build trust with former peers by admitting previous mistakes

Engineered to aid employees in managing succesful change from "coworker" to "a manager," Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow expands on four philosophies proven to facilitate change and manage evolving relationships.

SMART-START™ Training Supplements:

So, Now You're the Boss - Looking for a smart way to kick off a training session? Launch a meeting? Start to build a culture? In just four minutes, using music, animated text and graphics, this thought-provoking video will instruct, inspire and definitely stimulate discussion about new managers/supervisors accepting their new role, establishing clear boundaries, communicating and taking action.

Transition to Boss Is...™ - Stimulate discussion about new managers/supervisors accepting their role, establishing clear boundaries, communicating and taking action. This thought-provoking, powerful short video uses impactful imagery, video and music to inspire and stimulate discussion about new supervisors within your organization.

These short, topic-specific videos can be used as a conversation generator, meeting opener or even as a follow-up to training. They can be used alone or as a complement to the Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow program.

Also Available:
After All, You're the Supervisor
It's OKAY to be the BOSS
The Front of the Class

Languages Available (sold separately): English, French Canadian, Spanish


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Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow™: Navigating Your Changing Role
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