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It takes courage and heart to coach employees... add our best-selling training courses to the mix and you'll have a winning team.


Business Coaching Training Videos

The Practical Coach 2

A Media Partners Release

The Practical Coach 2 updates the best-selling employee coaching show ever. This insightful program models practical coaching techniques during three critical times: When you observe GOOD work, POOR work, and a DEAD END.

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When The Coach is You!

A CRM Release

At any given time, anyone in the organization can be called upon to be a coach. Here are simple steps people can learn to successfully teach what they know to someone else. Available in Business, Government & Healthcare versions.

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Feedback Solutions Series

Provide employees with the skills they need to effectivly create a "feedback culture" within your organization where giving and receiving feedback becomes a normal part of day-to-day business, therefore improving moral, empowering teams as well as quality of your service.

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Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series

A powerful training series covering over 80 workplace topics every workplace needs to address. Short, sharp and funny with simple messages and skills for everyone.

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