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Communication Breakdown Training
Program length: 18:00

Communication problems can have a devastating role in undermining our organizational success. Yet, most employees never receive training in the development of their communication skills. Even more importantly, employees aren't provided with the knowledge and skills to help them avoid the frequent communication pitfalls that arise. The good news is that the most common communication drawbacks can be detected and averted.

Our means of communications have expanded and diversified. Consequently, so has our potential for failed communications and misunderstandings. Information is lost, deadlines are missed and relationships are damaged. The impact on morale and productivity can be sudden and dramatic. The "cures" to these common problems are more simple than you would imagine. Communication Breakdown Training provides both the information and inspiration that your staff needs to communicate more clearly and effectively.

Equip your employees to prevent communication issues at work with Communication Breakdown Training Video!

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Communication Breakdown Training
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