Doing Business in Mexico
Program length: 33:00

With Mexico playing a growing role in business today, it's essential to give your employees proper training to work effectively with Mexicans. Every day corporations are losing business and money because of poor communication and lack of understanding.

With the Doing Business in Mexico video training program, you'll get essential insight into this critical market and its diverse people. You'll learn how to see Mexicans as they really are, and how they see you and the world around them. Go to the offices of top global executives and receive valuable advice on how to succeed. Find out how to get accurate information by recognizing when you're being told the whole story - and when you're not.

Learning points covered in Doing Business in Mexico:

  • What are the differences and norms of the Mexican culture?
  • What's proper Mexican business etiquette in Mexico?
  • What's the secret to effective business communication in Mexico?
  • What are the differences of American culture verses Mexican culture?
  • How do I uncover cultural Mexican masks and get accurate information? 
  • And much more.

Languages: English


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Doing Business in Mexico
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